Project Info

Trasport, Materials


Rosalina D. William


08 March 2022



NANTS identified majority of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria as victims of increasing insecurity and that they were originally farmers in their respective farming communities. They have become helpless and hopeless as a result of displacement and escape from terrorism. NANTS therefore designed a concept on livelihoods restoration which was supported by ECOWAS and the Spanish Development Cooperation towards empowering some IDPs to pick up their pieces and stand independent of reliance on philanthropism. The project provided and distributed farm inputs including: improved maize and groundnut seeds, NPK Fertilizers, SSP fertilizers, Atrazine chemicals, Buta force chemicals, knapsack sprayers, hoes for cultivation, etc. The IDP farmers were also trained and handheld on improved technology and agronomy for effective yields and productivity. Below are some of the project pictorials: